Life With Cancer On The Side

Episode One

Our Stories

Sierra schools Vinnie on how to lead the conversation as they dive into the first episode of their podcast. 

The Life With A Side of Cancer duo acknowledge World Cancer Day by providing a breakdown of facts, the current theme, and discussing their experiences/relationship with the occasion (2:33). 

Episode Two

Family and Relationship Dynamics

The Co-Hosts then begin to discuss family and relationship dynamics, and how their diagnosis influenced those interactions. (9:23) The conversation leads Sierra and Vinnie to the question of choice, the boundaries that were created or discovered, and how each initially communicated (14:54). 

Episode Three

Side Effects

The Co-Hosts discuss the communication with doctors in regards to side effects (8:48) and the ones that were the most unexpected (10:52). Sierra and Vinnie then go on to reflect on how they approached discussing with others the impact of their side effects during and post treatment. (14:18).

Episode Four

Mental Health and Body Image

The Co-Hosts discuss their personal experience with mental health prior to being diagnosed with cancer (9:02) and the practices they used to support themselves during treatment. (14:34) Sierra and Vinnie both then unpack the impact that their physical appearance had on their body image. (18:40)